Contact Gus Philpott

Gus Philpott can be contacted by


Telephone: (847) 971-7083  (U.S.A. (Eastern Time Zone))

Skype: gus.philpott

Gus Philpott began his study and work in the area of regression hypnotherapy in 1992 with the late Irene Hickman, D.O. He continues to follow Dr. Hickman’s philosophy that the answers to many of life’s challenges can be found by the client himself. When Gus bought Dr. Hickman’s book, Mind Probe-Hypnosis, in July 1988 in Fort Collins, Colorado, little did he know how significant her inscription would be. She wrote “Adventure awaits all who explore the mind.”

In 2013 Gus completed his first book, The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy. This e-book is available on Kindle from He enjoys speaking to groups about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, chatting one-on-one, and, of course, conducting sessions, which often include past-life experiences for the client.

Spirit Releasement is a significant portion of Gus’ work. Spirits of one type or another (earthbound, dark, or negative thought-forms) seem to be found in about 1/3 of the regression sessions. Removing these spirits is important, so that the client is not further influenced by them. Spirits can be removed remotely (at a distance), without actually meeting with that person. Gus uses a hypnotized partner for that work.

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