December – the perfect month for hypnotherapy

Why is December the perfect month for hypnotherapy?

Isn’t it the month for happiness? joy? love? gift-giving? (willingly, I mean)

Yet, for many it is just the opposite. It doesn’t need to be. When you understand “why” you are unhappy this month and release the emotions connected to the cause, what’s left? Happiness. Joy. Relief.

Even just plain, old, vanilla hypnosis can help. You can be more relaxed, sleep better, tolerate the noise of the holidays better, accept that others may over-do it.

What’s the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis? I do all the talking. You do all the listening. I give you suggestions. You accept them – or you don’t.

Hypnotherapy? After you are relaxed (hypnotized), we have a conversation. I’ll provide some of the questions. You’ll provide the answers. Trust me – the answers are quite likely NOT what you think they are. The answers will come from your subconscious. Imagine that! (No, don’t.)

I recall one client years ago. When we met, she asked if I thought I could hypnotize her, and I told her that I thought so, but it might be hard. Then I told her I was just going to count to “5” and she’d be in deep state of relaxation. Her friend was there to “protect” her from this man she had seen on TV. She closed her eyes, and I counted, “1-2-3-4-5”, and she was immediately in a past life! Her very first words, unprompted, indicated that she was having an experience that she obviously had never had in this lifetime!

I was trained by, and worked with, the late Irene Hickman, D.O. (1915-2002). When I met Irene in 1988 and bought her book, she inscribed it with “Adventure awaits all who explore the mind.” Her words are just as true today as they were then.