October is Ghost Month?

There always seems to be increased interest in ghost stories in the month of October. I guess Halloween does that to people.

But “ghosts” (spirits) are here all the time. Maybe Halloween should come once a month, so we would pay more attention.

Earthbound spirits are those who are hanging around after they wore out their bodies. Or perhaps life got cut short by an accident or a fall or a disease. Or by someone else’s action.

If a spirit doesn’t leave the earth plane when the body dies, it seems to be “stuck” here and is unable to leave on its own. Maybe some can leave on their own. If they do, I won’t run into them.

But if they are stuck here, they just might show up during a regression hypnotherapy session. My training with the late Irene Hickman, D.O. (1915-2002) included how to spot them, engage them, converse with them and release them to the Light – where they should have gone when the body died.

There are many reasons why a spirit doesn’t leave.

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