He died in 1940

On the past Thursday and Sunday I conducted sessions in Columbia, S.C. and came in contact with spirits of inmates of the old South Carolina Prison. The prison was located in downtown Columbia and, after being torn down, has been replaced with CanalSide Lofts Apartments.

The Thursday session was in one of the apartments and started as a spirit releasement session, because my client felt strongly that a demon had attached itself to her. We dealt with that and she told me that there were “many other spirits” present. One of them said he’d been there a long time, waiting to tell his story, and he wasn’t going to leave until he told it.

On Sunday afternoon I met again with this client, and we began with a session that involved three past lives. After a short break we resumed and the prisoner (from Thursday) came forward. He told us his name (Jerome), Prisoner Number, accused and actual crimes, and when he died (1940). He said many bodies are buried on the property, a part of which is still under construction. Before we finished, he was pushed out of the way by a white prisoner, who told us his story.

I’ll save the two stories for a later telling. The short version is that each left the earth plane and took a bunch of other prisoners’ spirits with them.

My client told me, before the session on Thursday, of car trouble – so bad that she was trading in the car. The dealer had run diagnostics on the engine; the Check Engine light was on, other dashboard warning lights were on, and the engine output was determined to 50% with a chance that the engine would blow. She called me as she drove home after the session. The car was running perfectly!

We all know – there are no coincidences.