A powerful tool

Regression hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool through which a person can make major breakthroughs in solving problems. When it is properly conducted, the person (client) re-lives experiences that are generally unknown to him or her in the fully-conscious state.

It’s not “thinking” about it and trying to figure it out. Basically, it is quite simple, even easy. But people make it complicated. And not only the people wanting help, but often others, such as therapists, doctors, psychologists, preachers. They get “in the way” because they often assume that they already know how to “fix” the person.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. Hypnotherapy is similar, but different. Hypnotherapy is a conversation that takes place while the person is hypnotized.

People see stage shows and think that is what hypnosis is. It’s not. They think the hypnotist has “taken over” the person’s mind; he hasn’t.

Dr. Brian Weiss tells a fascinating story about his first client who experienced a past life during treatment. In his talks and in his book (Many Lives, Many Masters) he reveals how his patient reached a past life and quickly began to improve from her state of depression. I’m not going to spoil his story; read his book. I heard him tell the story in 1993 at a conference of the Association of Past-life Regression Therapies in Fort Lauderdale.

Use care in selecting a hypnotherapist. And don’t let a session turn your retirement plan into his retirement plan or his kids’ college funds.

Spirit-releasement work is a natural component to past-life regression hypnotherapy. If you can’t get past a “block”, it could be one or spirits in the way, and they must be cleared out first. Again, it doesn’t take long.

I recall a client in New Jersey who told me she wanted to work on four issues. Then she asked how many sessions it would take? I asked, “Is it supposed to take more than one?” (It didn’t.)

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