What’s it worth?

When you are experiencing a problem, what avenues do you have for solving it?

They are many, and I would urge you to consider that perhaps hypnotherapy should not be last on your list. I was recently asked why more people don’t explore or use hypnosis or hypnotherapy as a possibility for resolving a problem in life.

There is some mystery or caution or suspicion that seems to cause some people to hesitate when it comes to this tool. For one, it is an unknown. And like many unknowns, some people may not be open to it or may even be afraid of it.

For another reason, some will say that their religion doesn’t approve of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. They may not know just why and might rely on “just because”.

Another reason may be that they have seen a stage hypnotist perform and “make” people from the audience “quack like ducks.” Or at least that’s what it looks like to them.

What is most likely happening on stage is the result of the hypnotist’s conditioning the subjects off-stage, and they are ready and willing to follow the suggestions of the hypnotist. And they are having fun doing it. An ethical stage hypnotist will not ask any subject to do something which would cause them embarrassment.

I love introducing people to hypnosis and hypnotherapy in a way that they learn that they can trust the process. I suggest that they will be in control and that they will be free to accept any suggestions I give – or not. The “or not” is very important. And once a person new to the hypnosis experience learns that he can allow as much of the experience as he wishes, then he can┬álearn just how much help hypnosis and hypnotherapy can really be.

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