Sessions Continue during health crisis

Thanks to communication devices like computers, tablets and smartphones and to programs like Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Although the preferred method is to conduct sessions in person, using an electronic connection is an excellent tool when face-to-face is not possible. Sessions can still be recorded and a e-file sent to the client. Watching the client via video means that important cues (facial gestures, eyelid movement, etc.) are not missed.

It’s easy to conduct a session across town, between states, and even internationally.

Are you experiencing a problem  you’d like to resolve?

I read yesterday about an actress who is claustrophobic. There is a perfect opportunity for a valuable regression hypnotherapy session. Maybe I should put the Six Degrees of Separation theory to work?

Recently I did a pre-surgery hypnosis session via Skype with a client who was approaching extensive back surgery. I wish there had been enough time to schedule 2-3 additional sessions, but it was a last-minute call.

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