Remote session in the U.K.

Late in October I received an email from the U.K. with an inquiry about the possibility of a session. Through an exchange of emails a remote spirit releasement session resulted, and it was conducted on November 4. One of the great things about electronics is that I was able to email a recording of the session to the client in the U.K. that same evening.

The session here included two of us; a person who was the hypnotized subject and me. I had not given my hypno-partner any details about the information that had been emailed to me, other than the session would include a bungalow in the U.K. and possibly the person who was requesting the session. In other words, we started with her (my hypno-partner) being a clean slate.

In the bungalow we discovered four spirits. The first was in the kitchen and was fascinated with the modern-day stove. The four spirits were released, and then we “connected” with the late resident of the bungalow and helped to release her to the Light. At first, she wanted to “stay” so that she could continue to visit around, as she described it, but her delight was obvious (through the hypno-partner), when her brother’s spirit and that of a neighbor came to welcome her and escort her “home”.

Then we checked out the person who had requested the session. We identified spirits there and released them. The first spirit had a body that had been killed and abandoned, and she was bent on getting another body so that she could extract vengeance on those who had killed her. After releasing the feelings and anger, then she realized that she was long past the time when any of her killers was still alive, and she was willing to leave. Others were identified and also left.

Unbeknownst to my hypno-partner, the requestor had told me that a psychic had once told her that the spirit of a murdered person was hitchhiking with her.

It is fascinating that this work can be done remotely. In 2016 I was contacted by a woman in Iran (or was it Iraq?). The initial inquiry was to ask if I would be willing to fly over to do some work. I explained that we could attempt to do it remotely, and that’s what we did.

I continue to use the Hickman Method, just as I learned it in 1992-93. Many practitioners feel the need to “improve” on what they learned, but Dr. Irene Hickman’s methods work just fine. All we need is more “young people” learning them, so that they don’t die out when we “old timers” are no longer available. Irene began using non-directive regression hypnotherapy in her osteopathic medical practice in 1950 and learned spirit releasement techniques from Bill Baldwin many years later.

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