Holidays – Stressful Times

How many people do you know who have experienced high stress during the holidays this year? Have you been stressed out?

Stress could result from finances, family, incomplete grieving over deaths in the past year, marital stress, absent relatives.

I just finished reading The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. The book has been recommended to me several times over the years, and three people recommended it in the past two weeks. So I purchased the e-book from Amazon and read it on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. Now I’ll re-read it, more slowly.

In addition to knowing that regression hypnotherapy is a great way to help people resolve problems, I am also a fan of Byron Katie and The Work. There are many examples of Katie’s work on her own website and on YouTube.

Last night I helped a friend on the phone, after she missed important family time this week due to continued grief over her brother’s passing earlier this year. She is struggling with being the last survivor in the family of her parents and siblings. The loss of her brother “grabbed” her yesterday on Christmas Day. “I used to talk to him for hours and started to call him today,” she said.

So I told her to call him. “Pick up your phone and call him.” Now she had excuses, like “His phone has been disconnected.” So what? “Call him. He doesn’t need a phone where he is.” She agreed that it was just his body that had died, and his soul had not died.

So call him! She called me back later to tell me she had been disconnected (by the electronic operator indicating the line was not working). “Don’t let a little thing like that stop you from talking with him. Call him back.”

Her brother still exists, just not in the same form. He finished using his body and cleared out. That doesn’t mean she can’t still talk with him. I told her to ask him how he is, where he is, what happened after his body died. (She says she doesn’t know what happens after death.)

Here is her chance to find out!

I will loan her my copy of How I Died and what I did next. This book was channeled by Toni Ann Winninger and a friend of almost 15 years, Peter Watson Jenkins. Peter finished the time in his body last month, and his daughter, who is a hypnotherapist in the U.K., wrote a touching message on Facebook that a chapter in the next edition of this book may be an interview with her father. Toni and Peter also produced these books, Talking with Leaders of the Past, Talking with Twentieth Century Women and Talking with Twentieth Century Men. These are all available on Toni was a prosecuting attorney in the Office of the Cook County State’s Attorney. The books were transcribed by Peter’s wife, Sonia Ness.

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