Dr. Phil Show 1/5/17

Popular TV-show host Dr. Phil had an interesting show on January 5, 2017, about an Ohio lawyer, Michael Fine, who mis-used hypnosis to sexually abuse a number of women clients. Two women appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, along with the lawyer for one of them, and a judge whom Fine had attempted to influence with subtle hypnosis.

Can this happen? Certainly, and it did. Should it have happened? Absolutely not. Could it have been prevented? Absolutely!

All the women had to do was smarten up and cease contact with Fine. Dr. Phil had his own opinion about the “power” of Michael Fine, but what Fine had found were a few women who were highly susceptible to suggestion and he took advantage of that.

One of the women on the show said Fine had called her at home in the middle of the night. Yet she continued as his client. There were solid warning signs that any woman should have recognized.

What Dr. Phil failed to inform his studio audience and his world-wide television audience of is the proper, ethical, responsible use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. As a result of that Dr. Phil Show, thousands of women will fear hypnosis and hypnotherapy – and unnecessarily so.

The two women guests were still in obvious emotional pain over something that happened two-three years ago; perhaps longer ago. What Dr. Phil did not tell them is that they might find incredible relief after just one regression hypnotherapy session.

Now, I fully realize the possible unreasonableness of my suggestion. But, if those women, or any women, are suspicious or skeptical of the power of responsible use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy, all they have to do is bring along a trusted friend and a video-camera. They will “wake up” after the session and exclaim, “Wow! I feel so much better. It’s like a great weight has been lifted from me.” One session! (The term “wake up” is really a misnomer, because you aren’t asleep during hypnosis or hypnotherapy.)

Dr. Phil very kindly is sending both guests to expensive treatment centers.

I don’t do “hypnosis”. Hypnosis would be my doing all the talking; you do all the listening. Either you accept my suggestions or you don’t. When the session is over, open your eyes, stand up, pay me and leave. I don’t do it that way.

Here’s how I do hypnotherapy: Hypnosis helps you relaxed. Then we have a conversation. Regression means you go back to the cause of your scheduling the session in the first place. When we are done, open your eyes, stand up, pay me what it’s worth to you (I don’t have a “set” fee; you can pay just as much as you want to), and leave. I provide a digital recording of the entire session. Bring your own recorder or video-camera, if you want. Bring a friend. No problem.

Read Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss, MD, who is a psychiatrist.

Read The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy. Brian’s book is good; mine is better. I wrote it. Get it on Amazon as a Kindle-only edition. It’s lower-priced, too.

Want more information? Call me at (847) 971-7083 (USA, E.T.) or email me at gus@gusphilpott.com

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