On the road again…

You don’t have to travel to Woodstock, Ill. for a hypnotherapy session with Gus Philpott. Did you know that?

To learn when he will be (might be, can be) in your area, email him at gus@gusphilpott.com  Let him know in what city you are and when you would like a session with him.

He continues to do his work on a fee schedule that will work for you. He works on a “donation” basis; meaning, you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford. He knows it all works out satisfactorily in the end. The Universe does provide for all of us. [“Donation” does not mean tax-deductible.]

What might that look like, if you are at some distance from the Chicago area? He travels mostly by car, so vehicle operating expenses, meals and lodging are involved. Can you line up additional sessions for him, while he is in your area? Do you have a spare bedroom where you can put him up?

Maybe gather a half-dozen friends in your home for an “Evening with Gus”, and invite him to explain regression hypnotherapy and spirit releasement? Or just to talk about the relaxation benefits of hypnosis?

In November and December Gus will be available in South Carolina and Florida, maybe in Virginia, and enroute by appointment. He has done sessions in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, as well as in the Midwest, the West and the Southwest.

He is planning his 2014 schedule now.

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