Where is Gus Philpott?

Gus Philpott currently resides in Woodstock, Illinois USA, where he has lived since 1996.

He conducts his hypnotherapy practice from there, serving clients in person, by telephone and Skype. He normally sees clients in their homes, traveling to them in his VW bug, on his motorcycle or, when necessary, by rail or air.

He is an entertaining public speaker, with stories (many humorous) about sessions he has led and also about life events.

He also provides non-certified training in non-directive regression hypnotherapy and spirit releasement, including “remote” (distance) work, following the training methods of the late Dr. Irene Hickman.

If you would like to discuss arranging a hypnotherapy session or a training, an interview or coaching, please call 847.971.7083, email him at gus@gusphilpott.com, or connect via Skype (gus.philpott).

Note that you can return to this blog at any time by merely going to http://www.gusphilpott.com

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