What’s it all about?

Often I am asked why someone would want to do a past-life regression (PLR). A person might say something like “Life is good” or “I haven’t had any trauma in my life.”

Often a person is able to find an answer to a nagging question through a PLR. The doctor who trained me (the late Irene Hickman, D.O.) was always asking, “Why? Why? Why?” When I was training and working with her, if I complained about something (cold hands, an ache in an arm, a headache), she’d ask, “Do you want to know why?”

And then I’d have to sit down in the “hypnosis chair” (a recliner) in the family room, and she’d do a session with me. And, sure enough, I’d find out “why”.

I’d have a very real experience under hypnosis. In my case I “sense” experiences when I’m hypnotized. Later I can relate them as if I had been seeing them, but I know that during the session I didn’t visualize what I was experienced. I was feeling it, not seeing it.

Other people “see” their experiences, and still others “hear” the experience.

A session doesn’t have to last a long time. Often sessions are 20-25-30 minutes in length. And a session is complete within itself. My clients often come just once, because the session is complete when we are done. It’s not like going to talk therapy for six months or six years. If a client wants further sessions, to explore additional issues or topics, that’s fine. I’m always glad to oblige.

If you have questions, please drop an email to me. See contact information in the About section above.

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